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Wind power capacity

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Volume of bilateral contracts

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Petroleum refining power supply capacity

Who are we?

Introduction to Arzhan Energy

about us

Arzhan Energy Services Development Company, as one of the subsidiaries of Ghadir Electricity and Energy Investment Company, in 2016 with the aim of performing all matters related to energy trade (purchase, sale, export, import and swap of all types of energy, including: gas, electricity, etc.) Established.

We consider ourselves worthy because

We are the best in our work.

why us?

Professional team:

Employing well-known people with expertise and experience in each of the company's areas of activity

Market leadership:

Having one of the highest volumes of bilateral agreements in the country as well as in the field of energy carriers

Extensive relationships:

One of the most well-known companies in the energy trade sector


Committed and accountable in fulfilling contractual obligations

Our goals



A green future for all


Capacity of holding power plants

Combined Cycle
98 %
Solar Panel
2 %

Gilan Combined Cycle Power Plant 1306MW

Isfahan Solar Power Plant (Jorgaviyeh)

نیروگاه خورشیدی یزد (کوشک)
10 مگاوات

نیروگاه خورشیدی یزد (مهریز) 10 مگاوات
نیروگاه خورشیدی قم 10 مگاوات
نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی بهبهان 492 مگاوات
نیروگاه DG ابوموسی 13 مگاوات
نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی هرمز 235 مگاوات
نیروگاه سیکل ترکیبی قشم 500 مگاوات
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